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What is Life? Aleksandra Vajd & Markéta Othová – UMPRUM

Výstava vedoucí Ateliéru fotografie Alesandry Vajd a Markéty Othové ve Street Level Photoworks “What is Life?” představí současné práce obou autorek.

This exhibition presents current work by two eminent figures in Central and East European photography, Markéta Othová (1968, Prague) and Aleksandra Vajd (1971, Maribor, Slovenia) and, at the same time, highlights the universal quality of the photographic medium. This is not only their first joint exhibition in the UK, but also their first exhibition together.

Othová is known, above all, for her series of large-format photographs, whose meaning is predominantly derived from the formal and cultural-historical quality of the captured objects, such as architecture or applied arts. Vajd has recently focused on reductive photographic work, which explores the limits of the medium, with particular emphasis on its materiality.

For Street Level Photoworks, they have prepared an exhibition in which their means of expression complement each other. While Markéta Othová interprets photography as a transparent medium which confronts the viewer with technical quality, texture and the reality of the world, Aleksandra Vajd emphasises the material quality of the same photographs. It is exactly these contrasting approaches which allow the viewer to see the photographic medium in its fundamental ambivalence.

The opening reception will feature a walk and talk from Markéta Othová and Aleksandra Vajd alongside Karel Císař. Karel is a curator and writer based in Prague. He is Associate Professor of theory and history of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.
‘What is Life’ features as part of the Czech Season in Scotland, organised and supported by Czech Centre, London. Also supported by Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Slovenian Embassy in London.

Also featured in the Season is Radek Brousil: Red Naomi on show at 16 Nicholson St Gallery, 9th September – 5th November 2017.

This exhibition has been programmed to coincide with the 2017 Season of Photography in Scotland, which runs from September – November.


  • 9. 9. – 18. 11. 2017
  • Street Level Photoworks, 103 Trongate, Glasgow
  • Výstava se koná v rámci Czech Season in Scotland
  • Kurátorem výstavy je Karel Císař
  • Více o výstavě zde
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